“Based on a true story, Almast is an award-winning screenplay about a child-bride who unexpectedly discovers her independence and personal power in war-torn Armenia. Almast makes a daring escape from the Ottoman Empire amid the Armenian genocide. Forced to speak for herself, she leaves behind home and family, and finds the strength to build a new life in the United States.

“Impossible just means it takes a little longer,” is the essence of the screenplay and was the true embodiment of Almast’s spirit.

This powerful story stands on its own merit as an historical drama, and also creates greater public awareness about this little known, but vitally important, historical event.

I am inspired to bring this story to film not only because Almast was my grandmother, but because of its factual value. I want to inspire individuals with her courageous story and her acts of heroinism.

ALMAST has won 5 awards to date: