About Marla Sloane Ph.D.

My birth name is Susan Melkonian; I was born into an Armenian family and fought with my parents to go to college (my family didn’t think education was important for girls). But I felt education was the key to my wholeness. So I persevered and obtained my Ph.D. degree.

Earlier in my career I lectured about removing labels and stigmas that act as “masks” which can limit our potential. My life long interest in the power of the mind led me to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have written numerous articles on how to find your authentic self, and the importance of living in your truth.

In 2005, I started writing a script about my grandmother’s life. She was an excellent role model whose strength, integrity and wisdom inspires me to this day.

It is my passion to bring stories of human courage and valor to the public, above all in the name of living in truth and never denying your authentic self.

My current project is making the screenplay into a feature film.